Durian RiderAdelaide, SA

Author, Entrepreneur, Online Personality, Co-Creator of www.30bananasaday.com

I went from sedentary and sick to super lean and fit. I have over 82 million views on my main youtube channel and am dedicated daily to getting the health, fitness and weight loss message out there to the masses. My life story is featured in my Carb The Fuck Up! ebook.

I offer online content and a best selling eBook - its not just another ebook, its ALL my best tips I can give on you relationships, youtube income, weight loss, building a lean body for life etc. Its the closes thing to having me by your side 24/7. Its very easy to read, unpolished and straight up.

Areas of Expertise: Endurance, Mood Stabilization, Nutrition, Raw Food, Toning, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Services: Consulting, Coaching

Availability: No vegan health and fitness services available.

Im in quite a unique position in 2014. I work full time as a youtube video creator. I worked in the fitness industry since 1999 and now get to say EXACTLY what I want on my youtube channels to educate people on fitness, weight loss, vegan nutrition and simpler lifestyles. We created the most popular vegan and raw foods forum at the start of 2008. It has been a popular platform for all the most watched vegan channels currently on youtube. Also many people have met their partners via our website. Depending on who you talk to, that has been both good or bad lol!

I first became vegan for health. I had lots of health issues for the first 20 years of my life so was always looking for solutions. Eventually I discovered high carb vegan lifestyle and jumped on board. Ethics and morals keeps me on board.

For the most part it hasn't been difficult. The most frustrating part was dealing with morons at the start but now I understand the level of complacency society has inbuilt into most of us so I can tolerate it better and be more understanding of peoples ignorance and apathy.

Freelee and I do what we do for the animals. We just recently we did a youtube video about a multi millionaire instagram fad diet author and she sued us in Supreme Court. She said vegans don't get enough protein so we challenged her to a race up the local mountain. That got her pretty fired up! We got international coverage and raised questions about freedom of speech laws in Australia. Its still going on.

Recently I did a 597km solo time trial. I was aiming for 600km in under 24 hours but got a flat tire in the last 30 minutes so missed my personal time cut. When I was riding home I was pretty hungry and my neighbours dog came running up my driveway to say hello. I had just done something so gruelling that 99.9999% of tour de france level cyclists would never even do it but I had no desire to rip into an animal to 'refuel'. Thats what I tell people, go ride till you almost drop and see what live animals look tasty. NONE! :)

If asked to advise someone considering becoming vegan I would say - Carb the fuck up and fuck the haters. Life is short so stand up for something today.