Giacomo MarcheseHaverhill, MA

Vegan Proteins Co-Founder, PlantBuilt Co-Founder, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Coach

Giacomo is the co-founder of and also co-founded, a non profit organization of strength based vegan athletes who compete together to raise awareness for veganism and money for rescued animals at farm sanctuaries. Giacomo has been vegan for over 10 years and involved with fitness for over 20 years in many different arenas (baseball, tennis, racquetball handball, paddleball, squash, boxing, personal training, powerlifting and more). For the last 14 years he has been bodybuilding competitively and remains active. Giacomo's last show was in July 2014 and he will be competing in several bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions in 2015. Giacomo uses strength based sports & traveling to various Vegan Festivals across the country to raise awareness for animal rights and welfare. Giacomo has trained clients at NYSC, Bally's Sport Club and LA Fitness. Currently, he coaches clients online for VeganProteins and holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Giacomo provides online on-on-one coaching for strength based athletes, bodybuilders, and those who want to change their physiques. This includes personalized meal planning and training programs, and coaching in flexible dieting as well.

Areas of Expertise: Bodybuilding, Bulking, Flexible Dieting, Nutrition, Toning, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Services: Consulting, Meal Planning, Personal Training, Coaching

Credentials: Champion Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Plant-based Nutrition, eCornell, Professional Athlete

Availability: In person, Online, Phone

Initially, I made the switch to a 100% plant based diet to be able to perform at my best for the long term as an athlete, and for health related reasons. After connecting with others, I learned of the ethical and environmental aspects of veganism. There is absolutely no need or valid reason to used animals for our own selfish desires. You can easily obtain everything you need and more from a vegan diet, while causing less harm to environment, and respecting the life around you. It’s a win win situation!

Any type of behavioral change can be difficult, especially those that are deep rooted from childhood. When you follow your moral compass and conscience though, there is simply no going back. In this day and age, there is a vegan replacement for damn near anything you can think of. Making the change to a vegan lifestyle has never been easier!

In terms of activism, the bulk of my outreach is done through fitness and nutrition. I’ve found that there are so many different ways to be an activist, and no one way works better than the other. Rather, it’s our combined efforts that will yield the best results. From petition signing, to peaceful protesting, lobbying for more humane laws, or volunteering at a rescue, etc., there are so many opportunities.

For me, I like to lead by example and will continue to work as hard as humanly possible to be the best competitive athlete I can be, for the rest of my life. My hope is that I can serve as an example to smash the stereotypes that vegans are weak and scrawny. I have no problem voicing that I built my body with a cruelty free lifestyle and am always eager to be a resource for those who are interested and ask me about it.

Through being a competitive athlete, and creating Plantbuilt, we’ve made a platform for ourselves and colleagues to raise money for other direct action animal rights organizations, like farm sanctuaries and vegan outreach groups. There are so many great animal rights organizations and it is tough to narrow down a list of favorites, but a few are Skylands Animal Sanctuary, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, Our Hen House, and Edgar’s Mission.

My advice to someone considering becoming vegan would be, give it a shot! It may take a little bit to transition and make changes, but you’d be surprised how easy it is once you take that first step. It is also very helpful to know that the vegan community is one of the most tight knit and supportive group of folks that I know of. We are all working towards a common goal, of saving animal’s lives. I have yet to see a fellow vegan turn down the opportunity to help someone out who is making the transition, that has questions. I love my vegan family <3