Ed BauerOakland, CA

Champion Vegan Bodybuilder, CrossFit Coach, INBF Physique Competitor, PlantFit Strength and Conditioning Owner, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Ed Bauer began his journey into fitness in 1995, with encouragement from his father, a competitive power lifter. He became vegan one year later after learning about the inhumane practices that are involved in raising animals for food, as well as the health benefits of a plant-based diet. In 2005, he began working at a small local gym. He always felt that he wanted to be a more effective advocate for animals, but didn’t know how. It became clear that the impact he could have on others through health and fitness was his way. This has been his path ever since. Ed has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. He is certified through the American Council on Exercise, and the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. He is also a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. He has over 4000 sessions of training experience working with everyone from teenagers to seniors. Ed is also an all natural vegan NPC Champion Bodybuilder and owner of PlantFit Strength and Conditioning, www.plantfitstrength.com.

Ed owns PlantFit Strength & Conditioning in Oakland, CA. He is available for personal training, group classes, and nutritional counseling to help you reach you fitness goals. Contact Ed Bauer at plantfitstrength@gmail.com to get started.

Areas of Expertise: Bodybuilding, Bulking, Calisthenics, Endurance, Nutrition, Toning, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Services: Consulting, Meal Planning, Personal Training, Coaching

Credentials: ACE Certified, Champion Bodybuilder, CPR, American Red Cross, CrossFit Certificate Holder, NESTA Certified, Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training Course Certified, USAW Sport Performance Coach

Availability: In person, Online, Phone

I went vegan after learning how animals were treated in the industries of agriculture, science, entertainment, and fashion. They are forced to endure callous treatment and inhumane conditions before ultimately being killed for something unnecessary such as meat, eggs, dairy, leather, or fur. As I do not have the right to own another or treat them with anything less than total respect, these industries are not in line with my ethics, so veganism was the only choice.

It has not been difficult. I have been vegan since 1996 and I find it inspiring to live in a way that many think is challenging. Also, when people see how well I am doing, it gives me a chance to promote veganism in a positive light. This pursuit of fitness has always been more satisfying then simply being passive in life. Also in 2015, veganism is insanely convenient with almost every grocery store stocked up on plant-based versions of meat, milk, cheese, ice cream, and everything else you can think of. Plus many restaurants are serving more vegan meals than ever.

Through fitness challenges I have hosted, I was able to raise money for Mercy For Animals, Out To Pasture Farm Sanctuary, Animal Place Farm Sanctuary, and Family Dogs New Life Shelter. I have spoke on plant-based fitness for Animal Defense League, Try Vegan PDX, Whole Foods, Portland VegFest, and Oakland VegWeek as well as volunteered for Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Green Acres Farm Sanctuary and Animal Aid Animal Rescue. The first time I went to an animal sanctuary stands out to me. At that time, I was already vegan for over 12 years, but when I had the chance to spend time with the pigs, cows, chickens, and goats there, I felt a deeper connection to them. To look into an animals eyes and be present to who they are, you can see that they have individual personalities too. They want to simply live happy and free from pain, just as we do. Choosing veganism allows everyone to be happy and free from pain.

If I had the chance to talk to someone considering becoming vegan, I would say that it is the best decision they can make in their lives. I would also recommend to find some local vegans, as community is really important to offer ongoing support. Sometimes it can feel challenging and you want to have some friends that can help you through. Also, anytime you have a question, use social media. Many people experienced in this lifestyle are more than willing to offer advice.