Emily BarwickNorthampton, MA

Activist, Artist, Educator, creator of Bite Size Vegan, an ever-expanding free research-backed vegan educational resource

I've felt an intense connection to animals as far back as I can remember but struggled to find my voice as an activist. As a child I couldn't understand how we humans could subjugate other beings for something as trivial as taste preference. While other kids went door-to-door selling Girl Scouts cookies, I went around my neighborhood educating about the poaching of gorillas in Africa and raising funds for the Dian Fossey Foundation.

Learning how to speak about veganism has been a long journey of personal development and trial and error. I created the YouTube channel and website Bite Size Vegan with the desire to make a difference through effective yet entertaining educational videos. There is so much information and misinformation about veganism out there and I strive to make complex topics approachable for non-vegans as well as help vegans find the words they need to speak effectively to these issues.

I want to help people understand veganism- that it’s not an exclusive club, fad diet, or elitist social movement, but rather a logical, compassionate, rational approach to life--especially in regards to the lives of others. My hope is to help people really look at our reasoning behind what we do to animals; to examine our justifications more deeply than “that’s the way it’s always been.” I believe that education is where the vegan movement will gain the most ground and I plan to be on the front line!

Check out my website and YouTube channel for an ever-expanding resource of educational content delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. (Yes, I make learning fun...cue the "The More You Know" PSA). Each video is a "vegan nugget," as it's a bite size look into greater concepts. You can search on the site or channel for any topic to see if I've covered it and if not, feel free to ask! Be sure to subscribe to not miss out on the next vegan nugget.

The main focus of my services is providing free educational video content, but I'm currently developing a series of ecourses and an online vegan academy for intensive learning on how to go vegan, how to stay vegan, how to start up as an activist, and more. You can sign up for my newsletter on my website if you want to stay informed about when those will be available (and you'll get a free ebook out of it!)

If you want to delve deeper, I offer several one-on-one services. With my Vegan and Activism Coaching packages I can assist you in finding your way as a new vegan an/or budding activist; with my YouTube Coaching packages, I can help guide you in building your own channel to spread whatever message moves you; and with my Video Services, I can help realize your vision in video form. You can learn more about those on my sites "Work With Me" page.

I am passionate about bringing the vegan message to people and helping them make the changes for their own health, the health of the planet, and most importantly, the lives of the animals.

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Credentials: Personal Trainer

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I don't consciously remember going vegan, nor do I have a hard and fast "veganniversary" date. My mother says I started refusing to eat meat when I was 4 years old. She says that if I could tell it had been alive or come from an animal, I wouldn't eat it. My "why," however, has always been clear: for the animals. There are so many reasons to be vegan, and I speak to all of them when educating about veganism, but for me, it's always been about the animals.

With my veganism firmly rooted in ethical principles, it's never been difficult for me to maintain dietarily. I think the real challenge of comes with living vegan in a non-vegan world. I struggled greatly as a child, adolescent, and even adult, with how to find my voice as an activist and how to interact with non-vegans in an effective manner. Often what came out was either abrasive, histrionic, or timid beyond measure. It took many missteps and awkward moments before I learned how to navigate in a world that's by and large not vegan-friendly. It's still a process every day.

I work full time (well more than full time!) as an activist, artist and educator, creating research-based educational videos on YouTube with accompanying blog-post essays on my website www.BiteSizeVegan.com. I'm immersed in this 24/7 and passionate about making veganism approachable. I believe well-research, fact-based, entertaining education is one of the most powerful tools we have for spreading veganism as many if not most non-vegans.

Outside of direct education, I believe direct action is a vital and powerful form of activism. Groups like Toronto Pig Save hold vigils for cows, pigs, and chickens at slaughterhouses, bringing attention to the horrific conditions of their transport and the violent and heartbreaking nature of their deaths. I've been to a vigil and looked into the eyes of these being who I knew would be killed as soon as the truck passed into the slaughterhouse. Everyone, non-vegan and vegan alike should experience first-hand what we do to trillions of sentient being every year. The ultimate goal is total liberation and it's only by seeing the brutal reality of our actions that we can make the changes necessary.

For anyone considering going vegan, I'd first say thank you for even being open enough to look into making the change. I'd say that while it is the most impactful decision you can ever make, it doesn't have to be scary or completely life-altering all at once. Going vegan is actually very simple: stop eating animal products and replace them with plant-based products. You don't have to go from a pizza and burgers diet to a raw vegan. There are vegan pizzas and vegan burgers. Start where you are and build from there. The animals don't care what you eat as long as it's not them and the planet doesn't care as long as it's not being destroyed.

You can make a profound impact on so many aspects of our world and your own health with this simple decision. And you're not alone. Reach out online if you don't have anyone in your area. We're here. And we're growing.