Freelee FrugivoreAdelaide, SA

Author, International Speaker and Educator, Youtube Health Guru, Online Raw Food Coach

I was born in 1980 and grew up on a farm in Queensland, Australia. I have always strived to be my best and was attracted to the health and fitness industry from an early age. I have been on just about every diet you can imagine and have finally found, not a diet, but a lifestyle – that works.

Although I have a conventional education in advanced nutrition, I generally don’t use what I have learned due to its lack of accuracy. Most of my knowledge has come from extensive personal research and practical application.

Why do I do what I do? Well I am very passionate about helping others become the best they can be. I am also passionate about preventing the needless slaughter of animals for food and also in the preservation of our Planet. These factors are what drives me today to be my best self and to tirelessly spread the high carb, plant foods message.

My partner and I created 30bananasaday which is now the busiest raw vegan and vegan website on the web! We now have over 20,000 members and participation is very high. You can read many peoples positive testimonials 30bananasaday here.

Fast forward another couple of years and I put out my first ebook. Called “Go FRUIT Yourself!“, you can check it out here, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and read the testimonials. You can also read the first chapter for free by following THIS link. Shortly I will be putting out another ebook, a 30day workbook to really kickstart your high carb, raw vegan lifestyle so stay tuned!

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I'm a youtuber, author and health coach but basically just the passionate girl next door trying to help people thrive and keep animals alive. Youtube is my main focus, I make regular videos that help people make the connection between what they are eating and the results they are experiencing. Also how what they are eating affects our animal friends and the environment around them. I love to use social media to get the vegan message out so you will regularly find me on Facebook and instagram as well. I've been coaching people via these outlets for years and have seen a massive number of people go vegan as a result. I'm also an author of a book called 'Go FRUIT yourself!' about how to succeed on a 100% raw vegan diet. 

Areas of Expertise: Cleansing, Endurance, Nutrition, Raw Food, Toning, Weight Loss

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I first went vegan for health reasons. Back in 2006 I was suffering so badly due to my poor diet and lifestyle that I had to make a change, and fast. 2007 I had reached a point in my life where I was willing to do whatever it took to get healthy and also have a fit looking body. I had read some information about vegan lifestyle and it made so much sense. A vegan diet helped me restore my health completely and shed over 40lbs of excess weight. I've proudly been vegan for over 7 years now and the positive health results just keep coming and coming. Not only do I follow this lifestyle for health reasons but for ethical reasons as well. Within a short time of going vegan I watched the movie "Earthlings", I was changed forever. I finally made the connection. I was shocked to think I had been responsible for so many needless deaths of innocent animals. I had lived a very unconscious life for so many years and now finally the fog was lifting and I could see the truth. The truth was that I was killing this planet via my fork and it HAD to stop. Since then I've never looked back, I LOVE the vegan lifestyle and I am committed to sharing it with others. 

At the start I was healing a lot of metabolic damage from starving myself in the past but I had a lot of support online so it really helped. Now 8 years later, its easy street for sure and its both my profession and passion helping other women achieve same. I know what they are going thru and its great to be able to share my confidence, support and experience with them.

My health is reason enough to be vegan but I also do it for the animals. I cycled solo across Australia in 2008 and found a baby goat far from home. It ran up to me and I cuddled it quite easily. A car stopped 20 minutes later and asked me if I needed help. They said they can take the goat back to the farm. Of course it was going to be killed but there was not much else I could do. It really struck home the reality of how crazy society is today. It gave me immense drive to keep on riding and keep on vlogging.

Standing up for the animals in this society is frustrating but so important. Durian and I are currently in Supreme Court for standing up to a world famous instagram diet ebook author. I shared my opinions about her animal based diet. Everyday I post stuff on social media promoting vegan lifestyle. I feel thats the best animal rights activism we can do. People change their diets and we change the entire system.

If someone who is considering becoming vegan were to ask my advice I would tell them: I lost 40lbs and kept it off. No starving and WAY more energy and health. Why are you waiting? Id also tell them to focus on a vegan diet based around carbs. Carbs = energy to get life sorted!