Lasse LarsenLos Angeles, CA

Entrepreneur, Activist, Model

Model turned health advocate. Sharing Nutrition, Meditation and Conscious Living Skills. Founder of My Vegan Journey & The Sexiest Non-profit Ever.

I write about all aspects of living a conscious and health centered life within mind, body and spirit. Helping people to find more harmony and fulfillment in their lives and Businesses or careers to become more efficient and profitable by applying simple practices.

Areas of Expertise: Meditation, Mood Stabilization, Nutrition

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I became vegan on two occasions; the first was when I was around 15-16. I was a big fan of the Hardcore movement, so called Straight Edge, and wanted to follow their ideologies, which included veganism. That lasted about 1.5-2 years. The second and final time was in 2003 in Miami. I met a group of people that were vegan, but not only that, they also practiced meditation and helped people with their health. I decided then and there to start over, and haven’t looked back since.

It hasn’t been too difficult. In the beginning I was guided along by friends, and I think the only concern I had, and sometimes still have is that you have to eat more since the caloric intake is lower in plants than animal and processed foods. I have a busy life, so eating can sometimes take a second place, and I tend to drop a few pounds. Now this is also the great thing about this lifestyle, the body is quick to recover, so with just eating a little more the weight comes back on fairly quickly.

While I don’t really participate in any Animal Rights events, other than not participating in the consumption of animals, I have some favorite animal rights organizations. I like Farm Sanctuary as well as Mercy for Animals. I think they’re doing great stuff in helping to educate and inspire people to become Vegan. I just saw this story from Farm Sanctuary about a cow that ran away from the slaughterhouse, and they took in and cared for. After months of care they let her out into the field, she jumped and skipped out to meet the other cows there. I don’t have much personal experience with animal rescue, but stories like that are great. I think people are inspired in different ways, some need to see some harsh videos of animals being abused to realize what they’re participating in, and others just need to feel the benefits on their own skin. Me personally, I am of the latter kind. All it took for me was some music, and a great dinner in Miami.

If I could advise someone who is considering becoming vegan I would say - don’t hesitate, just do it. Don’t listen to the noise around you, I have yet to meet someone educated enough to tell you about the side effects of a balanced vegan diet. That being said, use your common sense, make whole foods the primary part of your diet, learn to listen to your body, clean out old toxins, either with a few colonics, colon cleanse or similar, and start a fresh. The principles that apply to the diet you are currently on do not apply to this diet. Food combination, ratio and quantity is very different from what you may be used to. Aim for an 80/10/10 ratio and you will be fine, and make sure you get enough calories for your weight goal. 80% (or more) Carbohydrates, 6-10% Protein, and 10% fat (or slightly less) is a golden mean for this lifestyle. Learn to let go of food obsession, emotional eating and learn to embrace the truth and intuition that is already inherent in your body which knows exactly what it needs to thrive. Eat nutrition, not just food. And have fun, its just a diet.