Luke TanMelbourne, VIC

Evolved Generation Founder, Plant-Based Strength Coach

Harnessing health, performance and drive through a plant-focussed perspective, Luke specializes in helping professionals and athletes get leaner and stronger through a plant-based diet and customized training.

He is an internationally certified strength/plant-based nutrition coach, and soon to be author. His book entitled ‘A.W.A.K.E and alive: Harness your physical and mental potential through a plant-based lifestyle’, is due to be published mid 2015.

Having been at the lowest point of his life and almost ending it just a few years ago, he knows what it is like to be depressed and out of shape. He also knows what its like to re-ignite his spark, find victory by placing in two state level bodybuilding championships, then becoming a successful coach. It is through his experiences, has he developed the drive and focus to make a difference to others and the world at large, to coach clients to be the best that they can be physically, mentally and emotionally.

Luke has extensive experience coaching a diverse range of clients ranging from retirees, stay at home mums, rehab clients, all the way up to professional athletes that have won both local and international awards. In his career as a coach, he has realised that there are 3 main challenges that individuals face, and they are:
– feeling weak
– not being able to achieve fatloss goals sustainably
– not loving what they see in the mirror

As the founder of Evolved Generation a brand that promotes health, athleticism and conscious consumption, and the creator of the 5-step A.W.A.K.E coaching method, his program aims to get clients stronger, stay lean all year round, truly embrace who they are, and make a difference while doing so.

He believes that global positive change starts with what we have on our plate. What we have on our plate is a representation of our values and beliefs for ourselves and the world at large. When we learn to make conscious choices for ourselves and the planet, we can create a world where our consumption can be both conscious and positive.

He is best known for reigniting the spark in others physically, mentally and emotionally.

His aim is to leave you feeling awake to the best version of yourself: fit, driven, authentic — and living your best life yet.

Areas of Expertise: Bodybuilding, Bulking, Endurance, Mood Stabilization, Nutrition, Raw Food, Toning, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Services: Consulting, Personal Training, Coaching

Availability: In person, Online

My wife, Emilie, was first a vegan and she introduced me to the book ‘The Food Revolution’ by John Robbins. The book was filled with facts and offered a brilliant insight into the ‘politics’ of food consumption, production. It covered aspects such as GMO foods, the effects & dangers of the factory farming system and how a plant-based diet is better for the environment. Shortly after, I was introduced to ‘Earthlings’. The film exposed me to the atrocities of animal exploitation. These practices continue to exist to feed the ever-growing demand of meat and their by-products. It was an instantaneous decision for me to make the switch.

I read the book written by Robert Cheeke ‘Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness' and realised that it was actually possible to be a vegan and build muscle. There were many athletes all across the globe thriving on a vegan diet. Through the book the message was clear. The best way to increase awareness is to spread a positive message and lead by example.

I further researched the works of doctors, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn, Colin Campbell & John McDougall and found that a plant based diet has also been proven to halt/ reverse chronic degenerative diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart disease). To me the choice was clear.

As the years passed, I realised that being a vegan has given me an athletic edge. Better body composition, enhanced recovery, increased strength and laser sharp focus, many ask me why I am vegan, I say why not?

The transition has not been difficult at all. I never really chased any end goal and it has been a slow and gradual journey to get to where I am. I am now more connected with the food I eat and now focus on how plant-based foods nourish me, and enhance my athletic performance. It gets easier with time especially when you can train twice as hard/long and recover twice as fast.

Peta and Animal Liberation Victoria are some of my favorite AR organizations. Occasionally, I volunteer at Edgars Farm Sanctuary. Along with team members form Evolved Generation, we have held several bootcamps/event and raised funds for Edgars Mission.

Given the opportunity to advise someone who is newly vegan, I would say focus on what you are adding to your diet rather than taking out. Deeply connect to why you are vegan, often it is your ‘why’ that defines what you do and how you do it. If all else fails, use online resources, forums and groups in your area. The vegan community is a very welcoming one.