Torre WashingtonOrlando, FL

Tha Vegan Dread "All Natural Pro Bodybuilder"

Torre Washington has been involved in fitness and nutrition for 22 years. Raised as a vegetarian, Torre has always been involved in the eating for life lifestyle. Everyone has a unique life story to share about how their lives were changed due to a shift in focus or some type of traumatic event. And when it came to nutrition, Torre's life was health.

Torre picked up his first weight while living in Jamaica with his grandparents, and once he returned to Florida, he continued to work out. Reading magazines and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies led Torre to want to compete on stage, and training other people came natural as it became a passion to see people succeed and get results.

After getting sidelined for bodybuilding competition due to an injury, Torre just focused on working out. In 2008 he witnessed an event that would change his focus a bit, seeing a longtime friend compete win his pro card as an all-natural bodybuilder. He decided life is too short not to pursue one's own dreams and goals. In April 2009, he entered his first-ever bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd in an open class of 11men (non-vegan). By the 2nd show, he had won his Pro card. Then the injury from high school returned with a vengeance, and Torre would have to wait almost a year to face the new challenge of being a Pro competitor. In May 2010, he did his fist Pro show after injury and placed 3rd out of 11.

Two competitions later, he married Tamara Cook and together they have a son, Ethen. He trained his wife who went from 30% Body fat to 10% in 6 months, and by her 2nd show, she turned Pro. Torre currently competes as a Vegan Bodybuilder and continues to compete against himself and challenges others to get results with his one-on-one training.

Torre's philosophy, and company, go by the same name: L.I.F.E which means "Living In Freedom Everyday". Living life free - mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially; Torre's goal is to help individuals live a life of Freedom.

Areas of Expertise: Toning, Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Services: Consulting, Meal Planning, Personal Training

Credentials: NASM Certified

Availability: Online

I was raised a vegetarian by my mother who led a seventh day adventist lifestyle which references living of the earth as the way God intended man to live. This describes the body as a temple and as such should not be desecrated by dead bodies and seventh day adventist also promote the health message, which is eating fruits and vegetables. Growing up vegetarian was not difficult to me as it was the only way that I knew. It was not until family members wanted to give us sweets against my mother's wishes, did I realize we were raised differently. Most of our meals were out of cans as pickings were slim in that time to my knowledge, so to say it was the healthiest way to eat plant based food is not the case. I really thank my mother for her assistance in shaping the way in which I currently eat.

After moving from Jamaica to sunny Florida I immersed myself into my culture and grew into the Rastafarian way of life which promotes living an Ital (Natural) lifestyle. After learning and understanding this lifestyle it came to me that most did not live it in it's entirety and still we ate fish some ate chicken as well. I did not want to be hypocritical so I decided at that moment to remove all forms of meat from my eating lifestyle well before I knew there was terminology for it ie "Vegan". So in 1998 I cut off everything cold "tofurkey" and have never turned back.

It was not difficult for me at all. When it comes to vegan food I will eat anything and when I was young my mother said I was not a picky eater at all and the same applies now. In the aspect of it being difficult would just be related to going out to eat with friends, most restaurants did not have any options so I would have to describe in detail how I wanted my food, lol ( no butter, cheese...etc). Now it is fantastic there are even Vegan Doughnut shops, it is a great time to go vegan now with the food choices, clothing options. No better time than now to protect our animal friends and lack for nothing in taste and nutrition.

When people come to me about considering going vegan, the first thing I do is applaud their desire. It is usually curiosity or admiration of my physique that brings about this desire and I am humbled by that. To them, I would say to first take the plunge and not worry about what other people will say. You are helping the environment and saving lives.

My vegan lifestyle is so simple as long as I have my necessities I don't look at it as a chore so at times I am at a loss of what to say ort how to encourage their decision other than by my success in life and not by mere words. Sometimes just being a listening ear and validating their choice goes further than we know it. So I would basically thank them and offer my help if needed in anyway and then also direct them to websites with recipes and fitness nutrition as in